Finding Inspiration at Yellowstone Holiday

The clouds reflect on the surface of the water, which looks like glass – and straight ahead, the low hills tumble forward for miles on end. Bird calls resound in the open air, and there is a slight breeze, which bends the grasses on the shore, and reaches you to gently caress your skin. This could be an average moment spent at Yellowstone Holiday.

Everyone needs to get away for a little while sometimes, and time spent away from the usual schedules and commitments of your busy life can do wonders for your sense of focus. And what better way to get away than to recline in the lap of Nature, and letting the wild open doors and its natural rhythms refresh your spirit and your mind.

There are many ways you can get into a reflective groove while camping at Hebgen Lake. If you are a writer or other type of artist, then you know how long spells of quiet coupled with spectacular beauty has an organic way of inspiring your muse. Take your notepads or journals with you and sit on the porch of your rustic West Yellowstone cabin, and scribble away.

The scenery at Hebgen Lake could also make the subject for some charming painting. Take your easel, paint, and paintbrushes with you on the camping trip, and put aside some time to capture the colors of the sunset bleeding out onto the landscape.

If you happen to be a yoga practitioner, what more serene environment would be suitable for your meditative process. Imagine moments spent in Warrior Pose before the water, or the gentle, sweeping movements of the Sun Salutation early in the morning when life is awakening and the sounds of creatures in the underbrush are all there is to hear.

Boating at Hebgen Lake can also provide some ripe opportunities for inspiration. The lake stretches about 15 miles long – that’s 15 miles of quiet exploration, perhaps in a paddle boat, kayak, or canoe rented from the Hebgen Lake marina. There are also the myriad streams that run into the lake that have their own little mini-ecosystems of their own, and that present other opportunities for exploration.

Whatever your persuasion, there are many opportunities in nature for moments of deep satisfying reflection, and Yellowstone Holiday is the perfect, sweet, little wonder that you can claim as your own for a few days. So start planning your trip and come on over.

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