Planning a Family Reunion?

Planning a family reunion can be a difficult task.  One of the first details you have to figure out is the location of the reunion.  Than make sure the destination will be fun for everyone and fit everyone in your family. Yellowstone Holiday is a great place to hold a family reunion because it has facilities that work well for a reunion.  It’s also located close to many attractions for outings during your reunion.  Yellowstone Holiday can also work with you to make your reunion go smoothly.

Facilities & Accommodations

The Beaver Den is specifically designed to be a gathering area for parties, reunions, or meetings.  It has everything you will need for your reunion, including restroom, kitchen, bathroom, party area, and porch.  The den also has tables, chairs, gas barbecue, CD player, VHS player, and DVD player.  The den is ready for all kinds of parties.

Themed family reunions are also welcome at Yellowstone Holiday.  You can plan the party and put up the decorations on your own.  Another option is to request a themed party and let the staff at Yellowstone set up the decorations.  A couple themes available are luau and western. We have so much fun decorating and seeing the family members enjoy their time. All you worry about is the food and entertainment for your family.

Yellowstone Holiday also offers great accommodations for anyone who is traveling.  There are many RV camping spots with full power hookups.  Different types of Yellowstone cabins are also available.  All of the guests are sure to be comfortable. Whether they decided to travel in their own RV or pile everything up in their car, we have a variety of different accommodations for the whole family.


Yellowstone Holiday has a beautiful location that will add to your family reunion.  It sits on Hebgen Lake where you can get gorgeous views of wildlife.  Yellowstone Holiday also has a guest marina where boats can be rented.  You also have the option of using your own boat.  The lake is big enough for all guests to fish, relax, or do water activities.


The Yellowstone National Park is the most popular attraction that’s close to Yellowstone Holiday.  It’s only a 15 minute drive to the park.  However, many other attractions and family-friendly activities are available.  The Bears Den Cinema and Playmill Theater are both close to Yellowstone Holiday.

There are also several options if you feel like learning about nature or history.  Across the road from Yellowstone Holiday there are plenty of hiking trails and walking paths that provide excellent views.  The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center is also close by where you can see live animals and learn about them.  There are many other Yellowstone activities that you can enjoy with your family.

Yellowstone Holiday is a great place to have a family reunion because they have everything you need.  The meeting facility has a wide range of amenities.  Your family members don’t have to leave after the reunion because they can stay right at Yellowstone Holiday.  This makes attending a family reunion so much easier.  On top of this convenience, there are many activities and attractions you can visit with your family if your reunion is planned for multiple days.


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