Top Issues Facing Today’s National Parks

There are many issues facing today’s national park systems.

  1. Untold Stories – Most national parks are associated with visual images of dramatic areas, such as the Grand Canyon, but nearly two-thirds of the national parks systems were designated as such to protect cultural and historic resources. These areas, such as colonial Boston, are truly missing from America’s culture and are rapidly becoming untold stories among today’s youth.
  2. History – National parks not only protect the lands, but they also protect the historic buildings within the parks’ lands. However, many of these buildings are in significant need of repair.
  3. Wildlife Management – As areas around parks become more developed, species within the parks’ boundaries that once migrated in and out of the parks’ corridors can no longer move about freely to feed, mate or migrate, which is making it more difficult for some species to survive.
  4. Foreign Invaders – Non-invasive species are rapidly destroying many parks, as they can hitchhike on airplanes or boats. If not controlled, invasive species can easily cause native species to become extinct. In fact, more than 6,500 non-native invasive species have been discovered in U.S. national parks. More than 70% of these numbers are plants, which have ultimately encroached on more than 7 million acres.
  5. Adjacent Development – Mines that are located near national parks effect the water quality, parks’ environment and clear air, which in turn effects the wildlife within the park.
  6. Climate Change – As the earth’s climate continues to rapidly change, glaciers are melting away, fire seasons are continuing longer and landscape is shifting.
  7. Water Issues – Many parks are experiencing more droughts these days, which are dramatically affecting aquatic species.
  8. Air Pollution – Air quality poses severe hazards as it can contaminate water, air and even helps poisonous plants thrive.
  9. Transportation Troubles – Many national parks are underfunded, which is posing problems with road disrepair. Many repairs are under way, but the parks’ budgets are backlogged, which is causing more problems for travelers and visitors.
  10. Visitor Experiences – As more visitors flood parks, overcrowding is having negative impacts on park environments. Snowmobiles visit Yellowstone National Park in the winter months and there is a fine line between recreation and preserving the park’s delicate ecosystem.

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