Unique Facts about Old Faithful Geyser

Old Faithful is probably one of the best known and most visited attractions in America. It is also the most reliable thermal feature in the world and scientists believe this may be due to the fact that Old Faithful is not connected to any other thermal features.

Old Faithful erupts approximately every 91 minutes after an eruption lasting more than two and a half minutes and 65 minutes after an eruption lasting less than two and a half minutes. Recent research proves that the length of the intervals is increasing and scientists believe this may be due to earthquakes which are affecting subterranean water levels.

Old Faithful is a popular attraction at Yellowstone National Park and visitors come from the world over to view this unusual and yet mesmerizing attraction. It was first discovered by the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition in 1870. The expedition first sighted the geyser when they journeyed along the Firehole River entering the Upper Geyser Basin.

The group of explorers was quite astonished at the natural phenomenon which can spew boiling hot water from 145 feet to 185 feet in the air. Interestingly enough, it is said that in 1882, General Sheridan’s men would use the geyser to do their laundry. They quickly found out that it shreds woolen fabrics but does clean linen and cotton garments without harming them.

More recently, probes that contained pressure and temperature measuring devices were lowered into Old Faithful so that testing could provide additional information. Video equipment was also lowered up to 42 feet deep in order to observe the conduit formation. Various heating and cooling processes were observed through the videos, providing scientists with additional information about how things work inside Old Faithful.

The water temperature was measured at 244 degrees Fahrenheit which is exactly the same as in 1942, proving once again that Old Faithful lives up to its name in every way. The extraordinary geyser is just one of many incredible sights and sounds that draw thousands of tourists to Yellowstone National Park each year.

Other attractions include Hebgen Lake, a popular destination for fishermen. Though many come for the fly fishing, Hebgen Lake is also known as one of the best sight fishing lakes in the country. Hundreds of species of birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles call Yellowstone their home and the park boasts vast forests and grasslands containing thousands of species of trees and plants, some very unique.

If you and your family are planning to visit Yellowstone, be sure to call ahead for accommodations. The summer season is always very busy but vacationers also enjoy snowmobiling and skiing in the winter.

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