RV Travel Tips

Recent reports show that nearly eight million Americans own a motor home, RV or travel trailer. In fact, studies show that families can save a substantial amount of money – up to 74-percent – on traveling via RV over traditional plane costs.

Yellowstone Holiday is a premiere Yellowstone RV park located near West Yellowstone, Montana. Located near Lake Hebgen, Yellowstone Holiday features convenient Hebgen Lake lodging as well as West Yellowstone camping.

The following highlights helpful RV traveling tips for seasoned experts and beginning travelers alike.

  • Maps – Planning trips ahead of time allows travelers to maximize their sightseeing opportunities. Purchase detailed maps, travel guides, research tourist websites and invest in a GPS system.
  • Checklist – Pre-trip preparations are an important part of being well prepared for road trips. When booking RV campgrounds, plan in advance, especially during peak summer season. When arriving at a RV campground, locate all campground connections, make sure the RV is level and hookup the RV to water, electricity and gas, if available. Take this time to also set up outdoor lawn furniture, BBQ areas, the awning, etc.
  • First Aid – Always have a first aid kit on hand. This includes a variety of bandages, over-the-counter pain relievers, ointments, scissors, emergency medications and insect repellants. It’s also good to have extra supplies on hand when traveling, such as batteries, flashlights, pens, paper, a camera, a cell phone and a charger. Make a detailed list that highlights insurance claims information, family members, doctors, emergency contacts, etc.
  • Children and Pets – Traveling with children and pets can be a fun experience. Introduce them to new areas by walking them around, helping them become familiar with campground areas. Pets should be given designated bathroom areas and owners should always pick up after them. Always check to make sure pets are permitted at campgrounds and when traveling out-of-state with pets, contact veterinarians to see if special heartworm or tick medication is required. Always make sure pets wear an ID tag and collar and microchipping is highly recommended. Pet owners should also invest in a high-quality pet carrier, which helps keep pets from wandering around RVs when on the road.
  • Friends – Don’t hesitate to ask friends and family about RV camping recommendations. Sometimes these recommendations are the most adventurous – highlighting a variety of sites and attractions along the way. When visiting Montana, friends may have experience with mining sapphires, viewing wildlife or even following historic routes.
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