Yellowstone: Fishing Regulations

Yellowstone National Park recently updated their fishing regulations for 2013. The latest changes align more with the park’s commitment to the Native Fish Conservation Plan.

The park is committed to help protect the native fish species in the area. Recently, the park lifted the ban on non-native fish, virtually eliminating it. This elimination applies to all of the park’s waters except Gibbon River (below Gibbon Falls), Madison and Firehole Rivers, Shoshone and Lewis Lakes.

Any brook or rainbow trout caught in the Lamar River drainage areas area required to be harvested, helping to protect the cutthroat trout in these areas. This area also includes Soda Butte and Slough Creeks.

Additionally, Yellowstone requires that all lake trout that are caught in Yellowstone Lake must be eliminated, as this is vital to help restore cutthroat trout levels.

Native fish, which includes mountain whitefish, cutthroat trout and Arctic grayling may only be caught on a catch and release basis. They should be returned immediately to their waters unharmed. Anglers are only permitted to use barbless artificial lures and flies, as well as lead-free sinkers, when fishing within Yellowstone National Park.

Permits for children 15 and younger are free. A three-day fishing permit within the park may be obtained for $18. A seven-day permit is $25 and annual permits are $40. The park offers a fishing regulations pamphlet, which is available for online viewing. Additionally, visitors should be warned that there are a number of areas off-limits for fishing within the park, including areas that are permanently closed to the public.

Yellowstone strives to keep invasive non-native species out of their delicate waters and ecosystem. All boats and fishing equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and inspected before being placed in bodies of water within the park. No live bait, such as eggs, minnows, inspects or worms, is permitted in the park.

Fishing season began Memorial Day weekend and extends to Sunday, November 3. Fishing within the park is only permitted during daylight hours. Stream availability may vary due to high water temperatures or low water levels.

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