Yellowstone Cabins

Yellowstone National Park is the world’s first national park featuring more than two million acres and a myriad breathtaking sceneries, unique animal species and wildlife attractions. Over 250 active geysers can be found throughout Yellowstone, which makes this park like no other on earth. Its spectacular array of mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and wildlife, makes this a great place for Yellowstone camping reservation and a great family vacation.

You can easily access Yellowstone by car, though a flight here might be much quicker. The closest major airport is located in Salt Lake City and is in 6 hours drive to Yellowstone.

Spectacular Wildlife Scenery

Yellowstone features one of the world’s largest ecological reservations. The natural wonders of the park are amazing, especially in spring and early summer when wildflowers grow and newborn cubs are born. When staying in Yellowstone cabins, you will most likely see grizzly bears, bison, elk, bald eagles, grey wolves, cayotes, cranes, and many other types of wild species. If you are a nature lover, you will find pleasure in staying in Yellowstone cabins, avoiding crowds of tourists, and admire the great wildlife of the park.

Among the best places for camping or cabins reservations are near the breathtaking waterfalls and amazing meadows.

Yellowstone Cabins. Pros & Cons

The park has its own three hotels / cabins – Old Faithful Inn in the Old Faithful area, Lake Lodge Cabins located not far from Bridge Bay Marina, and Mamoth Hot Springs Hotel & Cabins located close to Mammoth Terraces. If you want to enjoy wild nature in these Yellowstone cabins, make reservations in advance.


Staying in Yellowstone cabins has its pros and cons comparing with a hotel or a tent. While staying in the park, many visitors prefer to experience their family vacation by staying in a West Yellowstone cabin. And no matter whether you are looking for spectacular mountain top views, or a secluded private residence in the woods far from crowds, your choice should definitely be West Yellowstone cabins or a campground. With such a variety of choices, you can find the best lodging or cabin right for what you need. West Yellowstone cabins are perfect for Yellowstone family vacations, honeymooners, large groups, and individual park visitors searching for an adventurous trip. The most extraordinary setting in a breathtaking mountain getaway makes Yellowstone cabins an ideal vacation destination.

Among the main pros of staying in Yellowstone cabins, is that you are staying in a wildlife environment and can view great animal species (bison, elk, wolves, eagles, etc.) right from your balcony or campground. While wildlife in the park is truly abundant around the cabins, it is not an uncommon situation to see deer or elk walking around the cabin.


Because of the park’s big size, you will need a car to get to your cabin and see the surroundings. Sometimes, the large population of elk creates traffic jams. More over, many of the cabins do not have private bathrooms and there may be too hot during the summer days.  If you want a more remote cabin near Yellowstone check out our cabins which are economical, convenient, and located at hebgen lake which is only a short drive to the Yellowstone main entrance.


Even if you aren’t very enthusiastic about national parks and nature, Yellowstone Park shouldn’t be missed. As soon as you set your feet in this remarkable park, you will feel its nature and become a part of it. This is a great Yellowstone family vacation, where both parents and their children can hike, swim, boat, and fish while learning about natural environment and history of America.

The park is easily accessible throughout the year and in any season you can find activity best for you. Yellowstone is particularly busy in the summertime. During the winter months, some areas of the park are open and you can snowshoe and cross-country skii throughout the whole park.

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