Yellowstone Cabins

Cabin “camping” in Yellowstone National Park can be a rewarding and relaxing way to enjoy the majesty of the park.  There’s a multitude of cabins available to rent throughout the park, several of them being National Historic Landmarks and places of note within the park.  Most of these historic cabins began as tent grounds, with well-maintained structures having been built over the last century or more.  There may be no better way to experience a piece of history than sleeping in one!  Most of these cabins were built from lumber culled from the park itself, which brings an interesting and unique perspective to your lodging experience in Yellowstone.

Utilizing a cabin versus a tent or hotel offers some unique advantages.  These cabins are generally more private than a hotel, offering lodging with a degree of privacy.  Cabins will also bring you closer to park experience, being located deeper within the park wilderness.  A family is far more protected from wildlife, the elements, and other dangers of the park when lodging in a cabin versus a tent.   With many of them offering amenities like running water and heat, there’s no doubt you’ll be more comfortable in a cabin than a tent.

Though Spartan tent camping is certainly the cheapest way to camp in the park, private cabin rentals do offer an economical alternative to a hotel stay.  The prices for a private rental for your Yellowstone holiday cabin will range widely from $100 or less to over $400 per night’s stay, depending on location, season, and choice of cabin.  There are a number of different types of cabins available in Yellowstone.  The larger the cabin, the higher the price will be.  Some of them offer separate bedrooms while some are a one-room style.  These single-room cabins usually do offer several beds tucked in a corner, and they may have a couch bed or pull-out cot as well.

Cabins have a long and varied history in the park since its establishment in 1872.  At that time, there were 3 cabins across the entire park.  Originally primarily used by hunters and “professional” outdoorsman, these cabins multiplied into the multitudes that exist today.  Today the adventurous family can lodge in a cabin in Yellowstone National Park during their vacation to safely experience the majesty of the wilderness.

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