Make Your Holiday a Yellowstone Holiday

The vast wilderness of Yellowstone National Park encompasses more than 2.2 acres of rugged terrain. Preserved for more than a century, millions of people visit this park annually, seeking solace from city life and to become at one with nature.

In keeping with the nature theme, Yellowstone does not boast fancy retreats and posh resorts, preferring to focus on the simple, minimalist lifestyle. People visit Yellowstone for a plethora of reasons, but most fall into one of two broad groups: wildlife and nature.

Yellowstone is far too wild and untamed for a mere one-day visit, much less as many as four days! Families prefer to allot one day for each section of Yellowstone – north, east, south and west – however, most families become awed by the spectacular wildlife that roams free, preferring to spend a week in this tranquil, preserved wilderness.

Yellowstone Holiday accommodates the needs of weary family travelers. Nestled amid the shores of Hebgen Lake, they offer cabins near Yellowstone. With four different style cabins, sleeping between four to seven people, these primitive bungalows offer the rustic simplicity of camping in the great outdoors.

Imagine wild animals roaming through campgrounds, freely embracing nature’s beauty. Guests can awake early, don their angler gear and fly fish from the banks of Hebren Lake, an exceptionally popular area.

If a RV or camper is more your style, Yellowstone Holiday offers 36 different RV sites, complete with electricity, water and sewer hookups. Yellowstone Holiday is a small, private resort, affording a perfect venue for families, reunions and get togethers.

Conveniently located a mere 15 minutes from West Yellowstone, the resort offers water sports in the lake, volleyball, horseshoes and tetherball, making it ideal for outdoor children’s activities. The resort is close to several nearby horse ranches, which offer horseback riding packages into the nearby mountains and of the scenic trails. Virginia City is also close, popular for its “Old West” gold mining theme. White water rafting adventure outfitters are available and offer several different packages. Imagine the spectacular thrill of rafting down the river, through the epicenter of the park and seeing the wildlife – moose, elk, buffalo, wolves, grizzly bears, and mountain goats – from unseen vantage points.

Make Yellowstone Holiday the base camp for your Yellowstone vacation adventure, allowing your family to easily set aside days for hiking, wildlife viewing, taking pictures of Old Faithful, a visit to the Grand Tetons and a day of exciting world famous fly-fishing. Yellowstone Holiday also understands how pets are an integral part of your family vacation experiences, gladly embracing Fido, too.

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