What to do in Yellowstone

Outside Yellowstone Guide

If you think a Yellowstone National Park family holiday is just a boring camping trip, think again.  Yellowstone is full of exciting things to do and experience.  Why stand in line at an overpriced theme park when you and your family can experience:

  • Visit the famous landmarks, Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot Springs
    • A trip to Yellowstone National Park wouldn’t be complete without witnessing the natural wonders of these attractions.  Old Faithful erupts just about every hour.
  • Extensive bird watching
    • Even if you aren’t a bird watching enthusiast, with all of the interesting species seen only this region, this can be an exciting activity for anyone.  Keep your distance and enjoy the sight of these majestic animals.
  • Wildlife spotting: elk, moose, bighorn sheep, bison, bears, wolves
    • Best done in the very early morning are just around dusk, wildlife spotting is something you’d have to try very hard to not do even accidentally while on your Yellowstone vacation.  Be sensible and careful, though, and keep in mind the park regulations of maintaining 100 yards’ distance from bears, and 25 yards’ from all other large animals.
  • If during the winter, take a snowmobile or cross-country ski
    • There is limited accessibility to the park during the winter season, and for good reason: temperatures and weather conditions in Yellowstone during this time can be very severe.  However, if you and your family are properly prepared, you can enjoy some great winter activities in the park.  Make sure you’re dressed in plenty of layers, and keep in mind that even though it’s freezing cold, you can still get a sunburn from the reflection of the sun on the snow.
  • Ride horses, bicycle, or hike to geysers, rivers, waterfalls, and forests

  • Check out geothermal phenomena and volcanic formations
    • These spots are unlike any you’ll find anywhere else.  Be sure to see the Chromatic Spring, a brilliant body of water with shifting, bright, metallic colors formed by algae blooms and thermal conditions.  Photos of this spot are almost always accused of being processed to fake the vibrant colors that can be seen here, so be sure to see it for yourself.
  • Extensive fly fishing
    • There are virtually limitless opportunities for some great days of fishing in Yellowstone National Park, and plenty of guided tours offered for the novice or expert.

  • Take a Yellowstone Canyon Tour
    • Check out the ancient caverns and formations that are the result of volcanic eruptions hundreds of thousands of years ago.  The Yellowstone Canyon was formed as a result of these volcanic eruptions, glacial melting, and erosion over the years.  There are several tours that will take you through these areas for a great day trip.
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