Yellowstone National Park’s Neighborhoods

Yellowstone National Park is comprised of several different areas and neighborhoods. In fact, the park itself is located within the boundaries of three states – Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. The park includes five entrances, including the North, Northeast, East, West and South. Yellowstone is divided into several different sections.

  • Mammoth – Located near the north entrance, Mammoth is home to the popular Mammoth Hot Springs. These springs are the result of limestone, intense heat and water combining to form striking terrace formations. The resulting sight is multi-colored sculptures that attract millions of visitors.
  • Geyser – Located closest to the West Entrance, this area includes Old Faithful. This loyal geyser erupts approximately every 81 minutes and spews thousands of gallons of boiling and steaming water into the air. Other popular sights in the area include Firehole River Geyser Basin, Norris Basin, Morning Glory Pool, Upper Geyser Basin and the picturesque Grand Prismatic Spring.
  • Lake – This region is located near Cody, Wyoming’s East Entrance and is near Yellowstone Lake. This area features dense forestlands and is excellent for wildlife viewing, and is home to moose, bears, bison and bald eagles. The area also includes West Thumb Geyser Basin, paint pots and several hot springs.
  • Canyon – This area includes Hayden Valley and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Highlighting the Yellowstone River, this area features two waterfalls, colorful cliffs and a marshy habitat that is home to several wildlife species, including wolves, bears, elk, moose, bison and waterfowl.
  • Roosevelt – Located near the Northeast Entrance, this area embodies an Old West spirit. The Petrified Forest is a popular destination, as is the Tower Fall’s breathtaking 132-foot fall.

West Yellowstone, Montana, offers an excellent base camp for Yellowstone National Park exploration. This quaint, small town offers nature programs, biking, hiking, fly-fishing and kayaking opportunities. The town includes an IMAX theater, a Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center and also hosts a summertime rodeo.

Yellowstone Holiday is located near the West Entrance in West Yellowstone. They are open May through September and are an excellent destination for nearby Yellowstone campgrounds. Yellowstone Holiday is a premiere Yellowstone RV resort and is located on the shores of Hebgen Lake, which is popular with anglers. This lake features a healthy supply of brown trout and rainbow trout. The lake’s marina makes it easy to launch kayaks, canoes and small fishing vessels. Wildlife abounds in the area and sometimes visitors can catch glimpses of eagles dipping into the shores of the lake, an occasional moose looking for nourishment and even wandering buffalo or elk.

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