Yellowstone National Park: Exploring Off the Beaten Path

There are several usual activities to explore in Yellowstone National Park. Knowing where to find them is part of a family-fun experience.

  • Yellowstone’s Boiling River Hot Springs – At the 45th parallel bridge, north of Mammoth Hot Springs, there is a little known swimming hole. The park permits swimming and the pool is a geothermal heated pool that is located next to the frigid waters of the Gardner River.
  • Barronette Peak – Take the family out for a classic game of “I Spy” with binoculars at Barronette Peak. Families can take turns scanning hills, rocks, mountains and meadows. Children will be amazed to learn that the rocky crevices conceal mountain goats and the Lamar and Hayden Valleys are home to grizzly bears and wolves.
  • Lower Falls Rainbow – Inspiration Point offers superb views over “The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.” The steep trail that leads to the brink of the lower falls is less crowded and the fall’s drop of 308 feet is easy to view. Children can easily see the light reflect through the water at this angle, forming a stunning colorful rainbow that will leave children in awe.
  • Trout Lake – Located near Yellowstone’s Northeast Entrance, Trout Lake only requires a short hike. Children can explore this area without shoes, walk around the stream and explore minnows, water bugs, frogs and river otters. With a fishing permit, families can bring fishing poles and try their hands at catching Cutthroat trout.
  • Artist Paintpots – Artist paintpots are located near the Norris Geyser Basin. The short loop through the paintpots burst with colorful mud, sulfur smells and howls with vent steam.
  • Tower Fall – One of the best places to treat kids for an ice cream.
  • Fishing Bridge – Kids can easily stand on this bridge and count fish, pelicans, river otter and herons.
  • Picnic Areas – Yellowstone Lake offers rocks and picnic areas that are sure to entertain children and families for lunch or a mid-afternoon snack.
  • Spotting Animals – If children get tired of spotting common animals, such as buffalo, turn it into a game and offer them pennies in return for keeping their eyes peeled for wildlife.

For families that prefer inexpensive cabins and camping areas, Yellowstone Holiday is located outside the entrance to West Yellowstone. The city of West Yellowstone offers abundant family-friendly activities, which are fun and exciting.

Yellowstone Holiday offers Hebgen Lake cabins, West Yellowstone RV campgrounds and Yellowstone RV parks. Lake Hebgen is famous for trout fishing, which draws park and non-park visitors annually.



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