West Yellowstone: Upcoming Summertime Activities

Visitors that want to visit Yellowstone National Park should begin planning their trips and make reservations at Yellowstone Holiday. As a premiere Yellowstone RV campground, Yellowstone Holiday is located outside the West Entrance to Yellowstone National Park. They also offer RV camping Yellowstone, lodging and are located directly on the shores of the famous Hebgen Lake.

Yellowstone National Park generally offers seven-day visitor passes. West Yellowstone also offers an abundance of additional activities, which makes visiting Montana a fun, relaxing and peaceful vacation.

In addition to outdoor activities, such as hiking, flyfishing, sightseeing, wildlife viewing, etc., visitors can also take self-guided tours of the historic city of West Yellowstone. Sponsored by the West Yellowstone Education Foundation, these complimentary tours highlight 21 different sites.

  • The History of Fire – The original town was built with local timber and supplies. This also caused the original town to be subject to fire hazards. Several locations within the city highlight plaques that honor previous fires. The infamous and tragic 1988 Yellowstone fires came within one-half mile of destroying West Yellowstone.
  • West Yellowstone Name Story – Ironically, West Yellowstone is the fifth name by which the town has been known.
  • Union Pacific Dining Lodge – Standing at more than 90 years old, this lodge provided an exclusive dining experience for the “Yellowstone Special.”
  • The Union Pacific Depot – The Depot is the oldest building in West Yellowstone and dates back to 1909, greeting visitors arriving from the “Yellowstone Special.”
  • Madison Hotel – Hosting famous people such as Gloria Swanson, Wallace Beery, Clark Gable and President Herbert Hoover, this hotel is now on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • 1920s School – The Madison Crossing Pinecone Playhouse dates to 1915 and was the town’s first elementary school. Five years later, it was moved across the street and the school underwent several different renovations and expansions.
  • Stagecoach Inn – Built in the mid-20th century, the Stagecoach Inn provided opulent accommodations for travelers, including stunning architecture and a grand staircase.
  • Smith and Chandler – Established 90 years ago, this souvenir store featured baskets, Native American rugs, jewelry and other traveler memorabilia.
  • Water Tower – Build more than 105 years ago, this water was used for the town’s early public water supply, trains and railroad buildings.



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