Top Yellowstone Attractions

The world’s first national park, Yellowstone National Park, has been a model for wildlife and nature preservation. Encompassing more than 2.2 million acres of raw land, millions of people visit the park annually.

Yellowstone Holiday offers 36 RV sites and 24 cabins, conveniently located a mere 15 minutes from the west entrance of Yellowstone. Lapping the shores of Hebgen Lake, a popular fly-fishing attraction for avid anglers, this charming, quaint resort is private, coexisting away from big city life.

A perfect and affordable base for your Yellowstone vacation or family reunion, Yellowstone Holiday helps families create Yellowstone camping memories.

Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area offer fantastic sites and experiences. The top 10 things to do when visiting Yellowstone, include:

  1. Enjoy Nature – With an area larger than Delaware and Rhode Island combined, there is no shortage of nature in Yellowstone. The area is comprised of 80% forest, 15% grassland and 5% water.
  2. Relax, bring binoculars and a camera … enjoy the wildlife! With no shortage of abundant wildlife, the park is home to free roaming bison, elk, moose, mountain goats, grizzly bears, wolves and more than 322 avian species.
  3. Hike! With more than 1,300 miles of trails, perfect for overnight backpacking trips and day hikes. There are even hikes that are family oriented and child friendly. Teach those youngsters about nature and awe them with never before seen beauty.
  4. Be a Geyser Watcher – With more than 300 geysers, 10,000 geothermal features and one the world’s largest calderas, visiting an active volcano has never been more fun and exciting.
  5. Go Rafting! Is there any better way to see a park than through the expert’s eyes? Whitewater rafting enthusiasts gush about the beauty that surrounds the gurgling, swift rivers and currents. Get a waterproof camera and begin taking pictures of elk peacefully drinking from nearby streams, 18-inch rainbow trout and a stray bear cub scurrying along the nearby shore. Finally, you have a chance to hum “Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ Down the River …” for a good reason!
  6. Grand Canyon of Yellowstone – Considered one of the most magical, breathtaking sites within the park itself, this 20-mile long canyon is more than 1,200 feet deep in areas and more than 4,000 feet wide. It literally leaves those who gaze upon its mystical beauty speechless.
  7. “Gone Fishin’…” Put those Louie Armstrong and Bing Crosby lyrics to use! Yellowstone and the surrounding area is a mecca for fly-fishing enthusiasts. Boasting streams of plentiful trout that can easily turn into a “whopper of a tale,” remember your camera. Upon your return home, you may very well need to post your catch on your favorite social media site.
  8. Go Camping! This is exactly where Yellowstone Holiday comes in. Striving to help make your Yellowstone vacation memorable and exciting, there is too much to see and do in one day. People need at least four days to a week to absorb the beauty of this vast, ever-changing region.
  9. Many nearby areas host authentic Native American powwows. So, put the useful Indian-Style sitting lesson you learned in kindergarten to good use! Just kidding, they provide plenty of bench-style seating. Cody, Wyoming, outside the east entrance to Yellowstone, hosts an annual event every June.
  10. Go horseback riding. With a variety of ranches in the area, there is no better way to see the Wild, Wild West than through a cowboy’s eyes.
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