Top Reasons to Go Camping

Camping and RV traveling allows people to explore America’s spectacular wilderness. The following highlights the top reasons to take a camping vacation.

  1. Escape – City life and work can be hectic. Camping allows people to de-stress, forgoing laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and other consuming daily tasks. It also gives people a great chance to unplug from technology, forgoing Smartphones, tablets and computers.
  2. Mother Nature – City dwellers rarely get to appreciate Mother Nature’s beauty. Consider going for a hike, exploring freshwater lakes, rugged mountain peaks, valleys and a universe of bright studded stars. Outdoor activities include taking up fishing, kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking, swimming or even nature-inspired photography.
  3. Quality Time – One of the most important reasons to go camping is to spend quality time with family and loved ones. Families can cook outdoors, play sports and jenjoy nature’s beauty.
  4. Cook Outdoors – Children love learning to cook outdoors. Explore family-style favorites such as hamburgers, hot dogs and gooey s’mores. An added bonus is that outdoor cleanup is an cinch.
  5. Skills – Camping allows parents and children to explore learning and practicing necessary survival skills. This can include how to build fires, detour wild predators and avoid harmful insect bites and stings.
  6. Pet-Friendly – While pet owners need to keep a reign on pets to make sure they don’t pursue wild animals, camping is generally an excellent family-style vacation that is perfect for Fido.
  7. Affordable – An economic choice, camping is a part of America’s past times and is an affordable vacation option for families and couples. Camping allows families to enjoy nature, instead of costly hotel room service, tourist souvenirs and expensive restaurant meals.

Yellowstone Holiday offers camping and RV sites in West Yellowstone, Montana. On the shores of Lake Hebgen, visitors can explore a variety of activities, including fishing, volleyball, water sports, horseshoes and tetherball.

Nearby ranches offer scenic mountain trails and horseback riding. Visitors can explore the area and learn local history, seeing Quake Lake, which was created by the devastating 1959 earthquake, among the strongest earthquake ever recorded in North America. Nearby Virginia City offers a glimpse into gold miners histories, highlighting how prospectors once lived in an area flowing with abundant natural resources.

Yellowstone National Park is located nearby, which makes for an excellent family vacation. Travelers can explore Yellowstone’s sites and view abundant wildlife while learning about this unique geothermal region.

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