A Road Trip: The Adventures of Yellowstone National Park, Part 5 of 5

By Anna Gentry

Going through Montana this morning we see a herd of big horn sheep a mere 20 yards from our car. Climbing this deserted roadside cliff, they display perfect balance, perching at angles that are unfathomable for us Homo sapiens. It is a photographer’s scenic dream and one I am ecstatic to witness first-hand.

When we arrive in Missoula, we visit the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation museum and exhibit. The mounted elk are breathtaking to behold and the museum features the Washington State record-holding elk, the number six all time rated elk and an example of a blood bull’s horns.

We head back to Washington tomorrow morning. I have amassed a giant collection of Yellowstone National Park pictures, which has rounded out to a whopping 708! If you ever visit Yellowstone, I recommend bringing an extra battery charger and digital camera memory card.


Yellowstone National Park is full of abundant wildlife. There are no books or photographs that can adequately prepare visitors for the sheer beautiful that this raw, rugged and wild wilderness encompasses. It is a sight that must be witnessed personally, and only then will someone feel the wonderment of this pristine paradise.

When reflecting upon our time in Yellowstone National Park, I wish we had extended our stay another one to two days. This would have given us additional time to explore little-known trails and other sites that were less crowded. Millions of visitors enter the park annually, which means that travelers must abide by speed limits and watch for wildlife at all time. Safety is of utmost importance in the wilderness. Due to these conditions, it may not be possible to catch all the sites in a day, so I recommend that visitors allow themselves a day or two as a buffer.

Among my favorite sites in Yellowstone was Lamar Valley, which seemed to expand into the horizon, providing an abundant wealth of scenic wildlife viewing.  Uncle Tom’s Trail is another site I will never forget. I am haunted by the colorful, artistic walls and sometimes feel the intense urge to try to recreate nature’s masterpiece on canvas. There are no photographs that can do this vivid sight justice, it is simply something that must be witnessed and experienced first-hand.

Staying inside Yellowstone National Park is a madhouse, which is why I recommend staying outside the park at nearby campgrounds, such as Yellowstone Holiday. Located on the shores of Hebgen Lake, this Yellowstone RV campground is a haven.

I can only hope that you enjoy your visit to Yellowstone National Park as much as we did. It is a thrilling, one-in-a-lifetime experience that will forever inspire me.

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