Explore Yellowstone: an Educational Experience for the Whole Family

Yellowstone National Park is not just a fun, entertaining destination for tourists. There is a wealth of history associated with this natural wonder. For instance, the area we now know as Yellowstone National Park was home to many tribes of American Indians for over 11,000 years.Researchers have surveyed more than a thousand archaeological sites.

In the surrounding community of West Yellowstone you will find several amazing museums with priceless Indian artifacts. You can read all about the history of the land itself and the people who dwelt there over the centuries such as the Crow and Blackfoot Indians. West Yellowstone also has great shopping and restaurants.

The well-lovedGrizzly & Wolf Discovery Center is open every day for live viewings of wolves and grizzly bears. They also offer IMAX programs about nature all shown on a six-story IMAX screen. Your family will never forget this little side adventure.

The lush green forests that surround West Yellowstone are teeming with so many amazing animals like foxes, wolves, bison, moose and elk. In the springtime visitors can often view baby bison just born. These types of first hand experiences can give your children a lifelong thirst for knowledge and a deep appreciation for nature.

In and around the park you will also see hundreds of species of birds, fish and mammals, some of which are endangered. The things your family will learn while exploring Yellowstone National Park are priceless and these are the types of memories most children hold onto for years to come.

Part of your treasured journey into the beauty and majesty of Yellowstone involves where you stay. Staying at a chain hotel doesn’t really give you the flavor of the wilderness adventure. Many tourists have found that in order to become one with the great outdoors it helps to stay in a rustic cabin on Lake Hebgen. From that vantage point, you can easily view the Hebgen Mountains or walk to the lake for a day of picnicking.

You are right in the thick of all that is Yellowstone National Park when you stay at Yellowstone Holiday. We offer cozy cabins that will sleep from 4 to 7 people and 36 big-rig RV sites for campers. You can relax on your front porch with a cup of coffee and breathe in the fresh morning air that drifts in from the nearby mountains.

Hebgen Lake Marina is just down the road, plus Yellowstone Holiday provides its own marina and boat dock. At our General Store, you can pick up some supplies for your fishing trip or picnic. Fishing at Hebgen Lake is always spectacular and the lake is full of rainbow and brown trout.

The great thing about staying at Yellowstone Holiday is that it is in between the west entrance to Yellowstone Park and the town of West Yellowstone. That makes it the perfect location. Whether you want to spend the day shopping for souvenirs in town or trekking around the park in search of ancient Indian relics, your Yellowstone cabin will be close by.

Though Yellowstone Park accommodations abound, the more rustic cabins such as Yellowstone Holiday are the most popular, so it’s important to book ahead. July is the busiest time of the year but all of the summer months are perfect for exploring the beauty and wonder of Yellowstone National Park.

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