Take an Adventure-Filled Yellowstone Holiday

An adventure-filled paradise, Yellowstone National Park is a renowned icon worldwide. Drawing people from every corner of the world, this miraculous nature preserve spans over three states – Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

The world’s first national park and an example of nature preservation for more than a century, Yellowstone is a family attraction. Encompassing more than 2.2 million acres, this area is a hotbed of geothermic activity. Yellowstone boasts more than 10,000 geothermic features and 300 geysers.

Not only is the land within the confines of the park perfectly preserved, giving visitors a feel for the native Wild West centuries ago, but the park also focuses on native wildlife preservation. The animals, not restrained by bars or fences, freely roam the wilderness. Buffalo dot the edges of the one-lane roads through the park, as the bison-babies eagerly trail behind their mothers every summer. Elk and moose are abundant and the summer months bring forth the birth of baby mammals, awing both adults and children alike. The massive antlers on these creatures astound and inspire photographers globally, lending way to some of the most photographed and studied wild animals within the vast United States.

Geysers burst forth their pent up fumes and geothermic rage, yielding results of gigantic proportions. Old Faithful, once as predictable as time itself, is ever slightly changing due to geothermic activity. One of the very few commercial areas in the park, visitors pack the stands and benches to await its powerful soaring waters.

To become one with nature, guests must experience the charming Yellowstone Holiday. Nestled amid the shores of Hebgen Lake, renowned amongst anglers for its superb fly-fishing, this charming resort offers more than 36 RV sites and 24 cabins in West Yellowstone. Located a mere 15 minutes from Yellowstone’s west entrance, this affordable lodging near Yellowstone opens mid-May and closes the end of September.

The plummeting, exhilarating white water rapids that wind through the park are a titillating adventure, offering some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities. Traveling areas off the beaten path, typically seen only by expert guides, adventure-seeking enthusiasts will gush about the adrenaline soaring rapids and be in awe of Yellowstone’s inner sanctuary of beauty.

Experiencing nature at its primitive finest provides children and adults with years of fond memories. Hiking through this wilderness at altitudes between 5,000 to 11,000 feet, guests can witness mountain goats frolicking against the rock crevasses; see a mighty grizzly bear sneaking berries from open pastures, hear the babbling brooks, dance in a stream’s clear waters and simply let their imaginations run wild with an abundance of fresh country air.

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