Yellowstone’s Breaking April News

The UFO community has just released an alert that Yellowstone National Park is a top-secret underground alien base. With grainy footage in hand, conspiracy forums have released images that have gone viral in their communities.

According to conspiracy theorists, in late February 2016, a glowing orb flew across the sky near Old Faithful. Only moments later, a green flash of light appeared. The green flash of light lit up the area around Old Faithful for several seconds. There are no first-hand confirmations that comic legend Green Lantern made an appearance.

According to UFO experts, it was impossible for this extraterrestrial light to be created by humans, streetlights, car lights or walkway lights. Additionally, nothing is lit up around the geyser mounds after dark, unless it is possible for all the tourists’ lost flashlights to start their own rave parties.

With Yellowstone having no threat of an imminent eruption, conspiracy theorists say this light was not the result of any increased geologic activities. However, some skeptics believe this light could have been a streaking meteor.

However, the alien and UFO community is insistent that an alien UFO or spaceship crashed. They refer back to the park’s recent mysterious events, strange lights and the footage showing a UFO exploding over park territory. Please note that no animals have reported any injuries in the making of these films.

Conspiracy theorists are insistent there is a large government-UFO base beneath Old Faithful, which is why UFO hunters regularly see strange lights at nighttime. They also claim that is impossible for Yellowstone to experience so many reoccurring random fireballs.

Most of the UFO community believes that the alien base in Yellowstone is a joint government-alien project that also links to Area 51 in Nevada.

These conspiracy therapists also claim that there is a large cave in the northern boundary of the park, nicknamed “American Pompeii,” which houses ancient human cave dweller and animal species artifacts. They claim the cave includes pieces of a flying saucer and part of a Yeti toe.

The government has no comment on these rumors, nor have they substantiated any of the information in this article.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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