West Yellowstone’s IMAX Theater Attraction

West Yellowstone offers several outstanding attractions to guests visiting this worldwide geologic wonder.

As a regular three-time visitor to Yellowstone National Park and someone who has personally witnessed the geologic changes within this majestic park, I highly recommend visiting the Yellowstone IMAX Theater located in West Yellowstone.

This is a perfect venture for starting any Yellowstone tour. In fact, I recommend staying in West Yellowstone, as the West Entrance offers abundant wildlife and the area outside the park features Hebgen Lake campgrounds, West Yellowstone RV camping and even an excellent fishing area off Hebgen Lake marina.

Settling in before a full day in Yellowstone helps restore energy levels and allows visitors to map out areas of interest. When visiting the IMAX Theater, visitors gain a new appreciation for this ancient land, giving them insight into the cultural history that draws from the land’s geothermal powers.

The film synopsis from “Yellowstone,” the documentary is insightful and gives visitors a captivating summary of how Yellowstone’s history shapes the future of this grand park.

Movie producers’ synopsis includes, “Soar over majestic Yellowstone National Park and plunge deep into its beauty and history. The grand panorama of changing seasons in America’s oldest and largest national park provides a stunning backdrop as ‘Yellowstone’ explores the history of man’s presence in this ever-changing land.”

I have personally viewed this astounding video twice and have left the theater awestruck and extremely impressed by the perfectionism, time, devotion and historical accuracy and research that went into this remarkable documentary. It literally bestows a completely new appreciation for Yellowstone upon viewers, giving them the ability to not only see the geothermal beauty, but also understand the Native American history and the settlers of early pioneers in this area.

Visitors can walk the same paths that famous Native Americans and pioneers once did, understand the values of this special geothermal region and appreciate the state of mind of animals.

The Yellowstone IMAX Theater also has a variety of superb memorabilia so guests can purchase souvenirs, gifts and paintings, allowing them to bring home a small piece of the beauty of this great land.



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