Tips for Visiting Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is open year-round; however, access is very limited due to snowfall and harsh weather conditions. In fact, most roads are only open to snowmobiles and snow coaches. The only exception is the road between the north and northeast entrance, which is open to traffic year-round. The other park’s entrances opening dates vary depending upon weather conditions.

Peak travel season is during the summer, when the Grand Loop is easy to travel. Most animals give birth in the spring or early summer.

It is important to always remember to pull into a designated pullout area to view wildlife. This prevents traffic delays and obstructions, which helps keep the park running smoothly.

Travelers should also bring binoculars to view wildlife. Some wildlife is far from roads and only viewable in the distance, especially big horn sheep, herds of antelope, wolves or grizzly bears.

In fact, bison injure more visitors than any other animals in the park each year. Regulations require visitors to the park to stay 100 yards away from bears and a minimum of 25 yards away from elk or bison. Feeding any wild animal is strictly prohibited.

Yellowstone weather can be unpredictable. Due to the high elevation, summers can be hot one day, while it is snowing the next. Visitors to the park need to pack layers of clothing, sunscreen and continuously check current road and weather conditions before traveling. It is important to plan and travel with water too.

The park also offers disabled access. The park’s website and visitor area offer maps for wheelchair-friendly trails.

Visitors need to stay on marked trails help protect fragile plant and fauna habitat, as well as to protect them from boiling temperatures around geothermal areas.

Visitor centers, which are located throughout the park, offer information and maps on Yellowstone’s ecology and geology exhibits.

Yellowstone Holiday is approximately 15 minutes from Yellowstone National Park’s West Entrance. Featuring a convenient location to restaurants, museums, a Yellowstone RV park and Yellowstone RV camping, visitors can escape the park’s crowds and unwind at night.

The facilities at Yellowstone Holiday also include Hebgen Lake cabins and lodging. Nearby activities include fishing, hiking, horseback riding and other historic sites.

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