Practice Leave No Trace in Yellowstone National Park

For more than 144 years, visitors have been enjoying the pristine beauty of Yellowstone National Park. To help keep the park intact for future generations, Leave No Trace offers the following recommendations.

  • Yellowstone National Park has infrequent stopping areas for drinks and food. Be sure to bring enough supplies for the days’ adventures.
  • Always read up any park rules and regulations, which includes having a map handy. Never rely on using a cellular device, as many remote areas do not have signals.
  • Always avoid spreading invasive species. This may include sticking to durable surfaces, or checking out the bottom of boats or float tubes before fishing.
  • If walking on a trail, avoid stepping off the designated trail area. Damage to delicate wildflowers or vegetation can cause them to not grow back, which can seriously damage the ecosystem.
  • It is important to always respect rules and property by traveling or walking on designated trails.
  • Help keep parks clean. Always dispose of garbage, wrappers and plastic. This makes parks clean and helps ensure that animals do not eat items that could hurt their digestive systems.
  • As always, if you pack it in, pack it out!
  • Never put food, waste or soap in any water sources. This can harm animals and fish.
  • Never take physical souvenirs. Take photographs instead. Souvenirs or other physical mementos take pieces of the natural environment, leaving little for animals.
  • Do not carve into trees or damage living plants.
  • Always check fire regulations if staying overnight. If fire rings exist, keep fires small. Never burn food or trash, and avoid transporting wood from other locations. Foreign wood could contain diseases or other non-native insect species.
  • Wildlife should not consume human food. It encourages habituation, which can create many issues. If animals become too friendly with humans, this can cause required relocation or necessitate them being put down.
  • Always bring binoculars to view wildlife and maintain a safe distance.
  • Never feed or approach wildlife. This is strictly prohibited.
  • Store scented and food items securely to avoid attracting animals.
  • Always be considerate of other visitors.
  • Avoid taking up large trail spaces and allow faster groups to pass.
  • Try to be quiet and respect nature.

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