Hebgen Lake Recreation

Hebgen Lake is a year-round paradise, offering Hebgen Lake lodging, Hebgen Lake boat rentals, fishing, ice fishing and snowmobiling.

Hebgen Lake is located approximately 20 minutes from West Yellowstone and the lake teams with famous trout, including cutthroats, rainbows and browns. Popular summertime activities include taking kayak or canoe tours of the lake, while enjoying the outdoor sun.

This popular Montana lake is nearly 15 miles long and two-and-a-half miles wide. With an extremely close location to Yellowstone National Park, it is a popular attraction during the summer months.

Hebgen Lake is only 10 miles north and west of West Yellowstone, just near Highways 87 and 287. While the lake is accessible year-round, Yellowstone Holiday offers Yellowstone RV campgrounds and West Yellowstone camping during the summer seasons. This affordable resort saves visitors to Yellowstone National Park a significant amount of money, as they can enjoy staying outside the park and avoid the significant evening time park crowds.

Hebgen Lake is open year-round, but there are fun activities the lake offers throughout the year, which includes commercial services, boat rentals, marinas and even restaurants.

For the area the lake is rather large, which makes it easy for boating. It is perfect for sailing, water skiing, canoeing or kayaking. A boat launch is located on the north shore that makes it simple to enjoy water time activities.

Famous for fly-fishing, Hebgen Lake is one of the best dry fly fishing lakes in North America. While the lake is not ideal for float tubing, experts recommend that anglers use motorboats, kayaks or canoes when on the search for the latest record-breaking trout.

Fishing season speaks from the middle of May to late July. The beginning of spring is ideal for dry fly fishing, while July is excellent for fishing in weed beds. Fish follow local insect hatchings, which means they will migrate throughout July and August. When the lake freezes, around mid-December, ice fishing is popular using jigs and spoons. Excellent places to ice fish include the Kirkwood Resort marina, West Fork Madison River inlet and near Hebgen Dam.

The most common type of fish species are brown and rainbow trout, which average up to 14 to 16 inches in length.

The weather heats up in July, making it warm enough for visitors to wear their swimsuits and dive in for a refreshing afternoon dip.




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