Southwestern Montana: An Pristine Paradise

Montana, an untamed wilderness, is commonly referred to as the “Big Sky State.” Without overcrowded city lights, the virginal skies showcase stars in their natural form – big, bright and a universe that feels so expansive, it may simply pluck someone up from the earth’s surface and propel them into the heavens.

Writers, outdoors enthusiasts, hunters, nature lovers and worldwide adventure seekers have long been in awe of this great state’s mysticism, raw beauty and cultured awareness.

Some of the most popular outdoor attractions in Montana, which attract people from worldwide, include:

  • Camping – Becoming one with nature has never felt so peaceful and comforting. With dozens of campgrounds nearby, they also offer more comfortable lodgings, including Yellowstone Holiday, which features lodging near Yellowstone National Park, including log cabins at Hebgen Lake and RV parks in West Yellowstone.
  • Hiking and Biking – Madison Buffalo Jump State Park is a mere drive from Manhattan, Montana. It is often considered one of the best hikes in the area, which includes Lost Creek State Park and the Missouri Headwaters State Park, the latter highlighting Lewis and Clark’s trail westward in the 1800’s.
  • Fishing – Anglers flock to Montana for some of the world’s best and most acclaimed fly-fishing. Whether someone is looking for a rainbow trout or a brown trout, Big Hole River, Beaverhead River and Squaw Creek are excellent fishing areas.
  • Wildlife Viewing – With photographers from around the world visiting Montana for that elusive photo that will define their careers, this area is plentiful in antelope, elk, deer, bison, big horn sheep, moose and many other native large-game species.
  • Recreational Activities – The area features endless year-round activities. Cross-country skiing is popular in the wintertime and snowmobiling is also an excellent snow sport. In fact, snowmobiling tours of Yellowstone National Park are also available during the winter months, affording a unique glimpse into the natural beauty of this majestic land. Downhill skiing at Big Sky and Maverick Mountain Ski Area are also popular wintertime attractions.
  • Places of Interest – These include the World Museum of Mining in Butte, Dumas Brothel and Copper King Mansion National, Beaverhead Rock Historical Marker, Bannack Ghost Town, Virginia City Ghost Town, Lemhi Pass, Big Hole National Battlefield Park, Crystal Park and several sapphire and mining operations.

Yellowstone Holiday offers a central area for visitors to explore Montana’s nearby beauty, including the Big Sky Region and Yellowstone National Park.

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