Fishing in southwest Montana

Yellowstone Holiday is located in the heart of Montana’s mountainous region and is conveniently located to several spectacular fly fishing rivers, which includes:

  • Madison River – This river is often cited as the number one fly fishing destination in all of North America. Boasting a dense trout population with fish exceeding 30 inches, this river is frequented by the world’s best anglers.
  • Yellowstone River – Also one of the world’s premiere fly fishing destinations, this river features more than 100 miles of pristine fishing – beginning in Yellowstone Park and continuing to Columbus. Most outfitters use drift boats to help maneuver over the river’s Class V whitewater rapids.
  • Gallatin River – Originating within the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park, this river is perfect for wading. In fact, the memorable movie “A River Runs Through It” was filmed in this area.
  • Boulder River – A true Montana gem, this river originates just north of Yellowstone Park in the Absoraka Beartooth Wilderness. These waters are home to aggressive rainbows and browns that frequently bite on dry flies. The movie “The Horse Whisperer” was filmed on location here.
  • East Gallatin River – Conveniently located outside of Bozeman, Montana, this river is the product of large trout.
  • Ruby River – Also located near Bozeman, this river is ideal for wading. When this river teams with fish, it offers some of the best fly fishing in the state.
  • Missouri River – This river is formed at the intersection of the Gallatin, Madison and Jefferson rivers, which join together at Three Forks to form the famous Missouri. Fish in this river range from 17 to upwards of 30 inches.
  • Stillwater River – A fast and rocky river, it is known as one of the best dry fly rivers in the state.
  • Smith River – Located in the central part of the state, this river boasts scenic views of wildlife, forests and limestone cliffs.
  • Bighorn River – This river situates in southern Montana and is especially popular with anglers in late May to early June. A dam controls the Bighorn so its waters are moderated. Bighorn boasts the highest trout density of any other river in North America.
  • Streams – Western Montana is doted by thousands of small streams and even some of the smallest steams and cricks can hold a healthy wild trout population.
  • Creeks – Some of the worlds most popular spring creeks are located here, including DePuy, Nelson, Armstrong, McCoy and Milesnick. These originate from underground springs, which fuels perfect temperatures for trout.
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