Yellowstone Fishing Guide – Hebgen Lake Fishing

Teeming with large brown and rainbow trout, Hebgen Lake provides an unrivaled fishing experience for young and old alike.

What’s out there?

Dry-fly fishers will be delighted by the abundance of Brown and Rainbow trout to be caught in Hebgen Lake all season long.  Hebgen Lake is considered to be one of the premier fly-fishing locations in the country.  There is also an abundance of Mountain Whitefish, one of the lakes most important native fish, Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout, and
Westslope Cutthroat Trout.

Fishermen using live bait won’t be disappointed either, especially during the Tricos, Caddisfly, and Callibaetis hatching.  Tricos hatching at Hebgen Lake takes place during the late spring and early summer.  Caddisfly hatching commences a little later in the summer.  Finally in August, fisherman using all types of bait can reap the benefits of the Callibaetus hatching.

What bait is best?

Lake Hebgen is an ideal location for dry fly fishing.  Novices and Pros alike won’t be disappointed with what this lake has to offer.  Live bait also works well especially for the Mountain Whitefish and during the hatching season.

What lakes and streams are best?

In addition to Lake Hebgen itself, there are a number of streams and tributaries feeding into the lake that won’t disappoint.  The Madison Arm of Hebgen lake particularly serves as an ideal location for dry fly fishing over the summer.  The South Fork of the Madison, and Grayling are other spots to check out.

When is the best time to go?

Hebgen Lake offers great fishing both spring and summer.  Around the beginning of the season, the abundance of Tricos brings in plenty of fish.  In May the fish are almost always feeding on midges.  It is actually best to fish on an overcast day. Even August is a great time to make your big catch.  Unlike some other major rivers around Yellowstone, the fish at Hebgen Lake actually grow less cautious late in the season.  When the pickings are slim at other locations during this time of the year, Hebgen Lake’s Dry Fly Callibaetis fishing can’t be beat.

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