Tips on Fishing in Hebgen Lake

Hebgen Lake is known as an amazing American fishing spot for a few great reasons. It does sport one of the most prolific hatches among still-water fisheries because of its nutrient rich river system. It begins fourteen miles upstream where the Fire hole and Gibbon come together to form the Madison River. Fueled by unusually warm temperatures, the Upper Madison helps to form the perfect chemistry for fishing.

The aquatic life of Hebgen Lake thrive here, especially the trout whose feeding habits are a perfect match for Hebgen’s aquatic smorgasbord. These are just a few reasons why Hebgen Lake is considered a top dry fly lake. It offers the bonus of being very close to Yellowstone National Park and all the amazing terrain you’ll find in this region.

When thinking about fishing at Hebgen Lake, it’s always a good idea to check out the isobar forecast for the day you are planning to arrive. Early in the season, the wind will be a factor. Most old-timers believe that the fishing at Hebgen is best on a calm, overcast day. It’s better still as you move into the season and the three prolific hatches begin. These hatches are what sets Hebgen apart from other still-water fisheries.

Many veteran fishermen at Hebgen believe that the 9’ 5 wt medium fast action rod is just perfect. Though this is not river fishing, the trout are usually on the move and faster than many give them credit for.

One common mistake often made at Hebgen Lake is casting right on or behind these fish. With the medium action rod, you can get the fly out there with a minimal number of false casts. Another great tip for fishermen using one of those popular fast action rods is to slow down your casting stroke. Let your rod do all the work.

Whatever fishing equipment you love best, a day of trout fishing on Lake Hebgen is definitely a memorable experience. You are surrounded by some of the most incredible scenery in America. With the Hebgen Mountain Range as a backdrop and Yellowstone Park right down the road, you can hardly go wrong. Fish for a few hours, then go take some photos of Old Faithful.

The only thing left to figure out is where to stay while you’re here. Yellowstone Holiday is located on the north shore of Hebgen Lake, an easy walk away. We offer a clean, comfortable place where you and your family can make some memories in our Yellowstone cabins.

Yellowstone Holiday has 24 cozy cabins that contain everything you’ll need for your stay including pots, pans and linens. We have a General Store where you can get food, drinks, ice and fishing bait. We also have 36 Big-Rig RV sites with full hook-ups. Wake up every morning to the beauty of Lake Hebgen and get down there with your fishing rod before anyone is even awake.

Yellowstone Holiday also offers a boat, canoe and kayak rental and we have an on-site marina complete with launch ramp. Our resort has public bathrooms and showers and a laundry. Wireless Internet is available at no charge. This is the perfect place to spend a day, a week or a month.

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