Hebgen Lake Boating & Fishing

Resting in the southern handle of Montana, between Idaho and Wyoming is a little paradise called Hebgen Lake.  One of the most pristine alpine lakes in Montana, Hebgen lake’s 16 miles of blue crisp water invites the boater and angler alike. Fish from the pebbly shore, or boat around the 4 mile wide expanse to see the other side. Catch many different and delicious species of freshwater fish from one of the best dry fly fishing lakes in North America! See a VR panoramic picture of Hebgen Lake.

What kind of Fish can I catch in HebgenLake?

Hebgen Lake has large numbers of Rainbow and Brown trout and is known for their good size and population.  Rainbow trout range in size from 14 to 16 inches and the Brown trout population ranges between 16 to 18 inches long.  It is also not unheard of to pull in a 20 inch trout from time to time.  The number of fish and their overall size, along with its breathtaking scenery explains Hebgen Lake’s popularity.

Later in the spring and the beginning of the summer anglers will experience the Trico Hatch.  This delicious to brown trout insect makes for outstanding fly fishing especially when winds are low and the angler confines himself to shallow bays along the shoreline.  Big beautiful trout can be taken during this time if the angler comes with the right fishing gear for Hebgen Lake.

Mid to late summer brings the Caddis fly hatch and a basic dry fly will do here.  Many flies are available, such as the Parachute Adams.  Inlets and bays hold the best success, with the Madison arm of Hebgen Lake being very successful this time of year.

What kinds of Boats can I use in Hebgen Lake?

Make no mistake about it.  Hebgen Lake is large!  Being over 4 miles across at the largest point, it is and capable of handling large boats during the spring and summer and early fall months.  You can tour around the lake in a sailboat, water ski when the wind is low, paddle in a canoe or kayak or just take a cool swim on from the beach built for bathers.

For anglers, the only boats not recommended for Hebgen Lake are float tubes.  Because of its elevation, Hebgen Lake can get quite windy at times, and float tubes are too dangerous for the unprotected portions of the Lake.  However, with the many boating options, there is no reason that a little wind should stop you from coming on up.

The weather at Hebgen Lake is High Mountain Alpine weather.  Generally, the ice is off the lake during early April and the water warms up enough to swim in July.  From July to late September are the best times for water sports of all kinds.  Fishing is available anytime your boat will float.

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