Fishing on Hebgen Lake

The Hebgen Lake Dam created Hebgen Lake more than 100 years ago. Lying more than 20 miles west of the West Yellowstone entrance, this legendary dry fly lake is approximately 15 miles long and nearly four miles wide. An abundance of rainbow, brown and cutthroat trout live in these healthy waters.

Fly-fishing is addictive and exciting. Anglers come from worldwide to experience the tantalizing Madison, Grayling and South Fork of the Madison, which flow into Hebgen Lake. This provides anglers more than 50 miles of trout-fishing shoreline.

Among the best dry fly lake in all of North America, Hebgen Lake does not disappoint anglers, as it produces some of the most consistent populations of trout.

June marks the beginning the summer. As the winter ice melts, the hungry, starving trout look for the opportunity to gorge themselves on as many hatching bugs as possible. This provides anglers with the optimal opportunity to set their sights on feeding frenzies, which provide superb photo opportunities.

Generally, lake Hebgen trout will swim just below the surface of the water. They prefer to feed on egg-laying mayflies. Fly-fishing is a form of art. Anglers have to get into position, working the line back and forth before delicately setting the fly adrift on the lake’s surface.

Fly-fishing is challenging, often being compared to hunting. Trout are intelligent and can detect the subtlest of movements, changes in direction or disruptions in water flow. Typically, anglers can wade within 25 feet of trout or in a boat 35 to 40 feet.

Many knowledgeable guides in the area can help anglers’ achieve their dreams of catching a trophy trout, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Guides are very understanding, patient and helpful. They specialize in knowing their surroundings, which includes what trout are feeding are and what is currently hatching.

Fly-fishing is an incredible art. It takes talent, skill to predict fishes’ locations, getting flies on target and the ability to not spook fish.

Hebgen Lake boat rentals are also available through Yellowstone Holiday. They offer 14-foot boats with six-horse-power engines for two hours, three hours or more hours, if needed. Their rates include gas, paddles, cushions and life vests. They also offer non-powered boats, which include kayaks, paddleboards and canoes.

For visitors that bring their own boats, Yellowstone Holiday offers boat slip rentals and affordable boat launch fees.

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