Enjoying Hebgen Lake

A great feature of Yellowstone Holiday is the beautiful Hebgen Lake.  It adds a lot to the atmosphere of Yellowstone Holiday.  It also offers a range of activities that all guests can appreciate.  You can do water activities or just relax around the lake.  You can also see wildlife around the lake.  It’s a great sight.  If you want to enjoy the activities available right next to you and stay in one of the best Yellowstone cabins, Yellowstone Holidays is the choice for you.


Hebgen Lake is known as a great dry fly fishing lake.  It is an excellent lake for new and experienced anglers.  Trout are very popular in the lake and are usually a good size.  The average size of a brown trout in Hebgen is 16-18 inches, while the average for a rainbow trout is 14-16 inches.  The lake is excellent for fly fishing, but it’s also good for fishing from a trolling boat.


Yellowstone Holiday features a Hebgen Lake marina that offers boat rentals.  You can rent both powered and non-powered boats.  The non-powered boats include kayaks, paddle boats, and canoes.  With these boats you can fish, float around and relax, or go waterskiing.  The marina also has the equipment needed for you to use your own boat.  There’s a launch ramp, boat slips, and a fueling dock.


This is a classic activity that’s almost required in the summer.  For those that just want to go enjoy the sun. Yellowstone Holiday offers a beach specifically for swimmers.  You can lie on the beach and relax, or go and take a dip.  The lake is great for swimming on a hot summer day.


When you visit Yellowstone Holiday you have several options for accommodations.  You can rent an RV camping spot if you travel in your RV.  Another option is to rent one of the cabins.  You can choose from different cabin types that sleep between four and seven people.  The cabins are a great choice because they are close to the lake.

Wildlife Watching

Since the lake is so close to Yellowstone National Park it attracts a lot of wildlife.  You can see a wide range of birds around.  Some larger animals are also known to roam closer to the lake.  You may see moose, bison, and deer through some binoculars.

Taking part in the lake activities is just one thing you can do while staying at Yellowstone Holiday.  You may want to visit Yellowstone attractions that are close, but you can have just as much fun staying at Yellowstone Holiday.  There are so many ways to enjoy the lake that you’ll have days of fun!

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