Boating Options at Hebgen Lake

What better way to spend the summer than boating on the water? You’ll waste no time when you get to the campground at Hebgen Lake. The calming water with its tiny ripples and gentle flows will call you. There are so many ways to enjoy boating on the water.

First of all, you have a selection of different types of boating options to suit your temperament. If you have your own sailboat, sailing along the 15-mile length of Hebgen Lake is just one delectable option – you can go solo, or you can go with other members of your group or family. The Hebgen Lake marina rents boat slips, a fuel dock, and a launch ramp for your convenience at daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal rates.

Whether or not you choose to bring your personal boat with you, the marina at Hebgen Lake offers plenty of satisfying choices. Fishing boats are about 14 feet and are motor-powered – 6HP to be exact. (They come with gas, paddles, cushions, and life vests). You can get fish bait, fishing supplies, and a fishing license at the campground’s general store, then take to the water and test your luck with those pan-sized Hebgen trouts you’ve probably heard of. The lake is stocked with cutthroat, rainbow and brown trout. There are also several fishing guides in the area available for hire to help guide you, either with your technical angling skills or with helping you find the best locations to fish.

For a more personal and intimate time spent on the water, consider renting a kayak, canoe or paddleboat. Two-person kayaks and paddleboats are available, and three-person canoes are available. Paddling through the water with that best friend, or family member can be a truly serene, meditative, and bonding activity.

There are many streams that run into the lake and the Madison River runs westerly from out of Yellowstone National park into the lake, so there are plenty of opportunities for delightful exploration.

For a walk – or ski – on the wild side, and if you have jet or water skis, you may want to take to the water for some adrenaline-pumping fun.

A day on the water, although extraordinarily refreshing and rejuvenating can also be exhausting. At the end of the day you will look forward to returning to your cozy Hebgen Lake cabin rental for some rest.

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